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Details Common-Sense-Cosmology

Common Sense Cosmology This is a personal, alternative view of how the universe came into being, where it is going and its place in the cosmos. Presented are new concepts about black holes, the big-bang, gravity and time. ( With my apology to Albert ...

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Details Global-Magic-Eye-TV-Verbindung-fr-Sky-Box-Schwarz

GLOBAL tvLINK Magic Eye The Global tvLINK System allows the viewing of high quality Sky satellite, terrestrial and video pictures at a second location. With the added benefit of control, the tvLINK gives the viewer the sense of having a second Sky ...

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Details Roof-Terrace-Gardening-Practical-Planning-Inspirational-Ideas

Roof Terrace Gardening Roof terraces and balconies are oases in an urban landscape. This book celebrates the elevated garden, showing there is little to beat the rooftop for experiencing an exhilarating sense of space and light, and enjoying the view ...